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Maximum Sentences for Traffic Offences

Most of us know that a speeding ticket attracts 3 points and that 12 points is the maximum you can have without being disquallified under the “totting” rules. (A “Totter” being someone who has reached 12 points on their license.) Do you know what the maximum sentences are for other traffic offences? This table may assist your research. Remember this is the MAXIMUM penalty available. According to government statistics, those who are represented by a solicitor  and facing a driving disqualification do not necessarily receive one. (40%) Caution:- This table tells you what the maximum sentence a magistrate or judge can impose, not what the LIKELY sentence will be for you. There is no crystal ball, but an experienced solicitor will give you a good estimate once he has all the facts of your case.       

You will note that most offences are dealt with in The Magistrate Court. Only serious charges are sent to The Crown Court. E.g. Causing death.

Click here to download the Maximum Sentences for Traffic Offences .pdf

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