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What Should I expect from a Pre-Sentence Report?

There is a lot of interest in Pre-Sentence reports on this website. This may be because there is little access to data about the reports elsewhere. We have therefore added this article to ensure that those who are the subject of a presentence report and their families / support network can prepare themselves adequately for this important interview.

From an actual pre-sentence report, for a person convicted of “Causing Actual Bodily Harm with intent” we list the sections as they appear and provide you with the type of detail that the probation service will be looking for. From here on in this article we may refer to the defendant as an “offender”. This is merely to keep in line with the probation service terminology.

The above constitutes the background details, all of which each offender will probably already know. The rest of the report is more freehand and is open to the interpretation of the author. This part may also change dependant on the offence, however, they will be in line with the following.

You can also download this article “What Should I expect from a Pre-Sentence Report?” as a pdf file.

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