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1.  What service does Which Criminal Lawyer provide?

Which Criminal Lawyer is an information portal on the subject of criminal law. There is very little information on this subject listed for the general public, web listings are usually for solicitors and therefore in more detail than the public need or want. We have designed the site to make this area of law more accessible for the general public. That way you can research any charges and clearly find information that may be pertinent to you, in the comfort of your armchair. If you need to ask any questions, please use the contact area to do so and we will respond to your question. We will also use the response to post to the site, in an attempt to assist others with a similar query.

2.  Is there a charge for using the Which Criminal Lawyer services?

No this service is free of charge for users. Which Criminal Lawyer is paid for by the solicitors who join us in order to list their details on the site. There is no fee received for referrals of work to them, therefore we have no financial incentive to pass you to a solicitor, nor are you likely to pay any fees to cover our costs.

If you raise a query with us, we will respond after consultation with a lawyer, or we may ask a lawyer to contact you directly. There is no charge for this service and the solicitors are willing to talk directly to anyone in need of advice. They cannot give you advice about another person,  that would breach client confidentiality, however, they may be able to talk “ball park” with you, assuming you give them all the facts.

3. When can I expect a response?

You will be contacted within 60 minutes of submitting your question. Our office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Please allow for a response on the following morning if you submit your question after 5:00pm. You will find emergency contact numbers on the solicitor’s websites listed here, which are available 24 hours a day.

4. How accurate are the details on this site?

All the details on this site were correct at the point of publication and were checked by a criminal lawyer. If you have a query with any details, please get in touch. This area of law is constantly being updated with new legislation. We will amend any article as we become aware of a change in legislation or have an error pointed out to us. As each article is dated, please look for the most current article.

5. The data on this site is for reference only. It cannot be relied upon by you in any situation. For a definitive guide to the law covering your case, you must contact a qualified criminal lawyer. You can do that via this website, by selecting the “Find a Solicitor” page.

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