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187 Fleet Street

Firm: 187 Fleet Street

Postal address: 187 Fleet Street London EC4A 2AT (Map)

Telephone: 020 7430 7430


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About: 187 Fleet Street is a set of Chambers specialising in criminal law and provides representation at every level in both publicly and privately funded cases, Nationwide.

Chambers are well equipped to deal with all types of criminal cases, and we have particular expertise in Serious Fraud and White Collar Crime, as well as Homicide, Terrorism, and all forms of Serious Organised Crime, Revenue law and Money Laundering.

Additionally, they offer a wealth of experience in many other areas related to the criminal law, including Disciplinary and Tribunal hearings, Regulatory work, Prison law, Police Federation, and Human Rights law both in this country and in other jurisdictions.

187 Fleet Street is proud of its reputation as a set of Chambers able to offer a first class service to both professional and lay clients, and to provide excellence in Advocacy and Advisory work.

Specialisms A key strength of Chambers lies in the breadth and depth of experience of its members, who have conducted many high profile cases across a wide spectrum.

They have particular expertise in the following areas:

Serious Fraud (including Market rigging in share issues and takeovers, Cartels and price-fixing, Advance fee, High yield investment/ ‘Ponzi’ and ‘Boiler-room’ frauds, Fraudulent trading/Phoenix, Money Laundering/Confiscation, MTIC VAT/excise evasion and Revenue cases. Drugs offences and ancillary matters arising under the Drug Trafficking Offences Act and Proceeds of Crime Act; Terrorism offences; Murder; Serious Sexual Offences:  Offences against the person.

Specialisms: VAT Tribunals, Police disciplinary hearings, Courts Martial, Immigration cases, Parole Board hearings, Memorable cases Guinness Fraud, Brinks Mat Robbery, Damilola Taylor Murder, Terrorist Fertiliser Bomb Plot, Tonbridge Securitas Robbery

Memorable cases

Other recent high profile cases covered by Chambers, which have also attracted nationwide publicity include murder cases: R v Papalexis, which was covered in a Channel 4 documentary and R v Alexander, where the allegations involved the murder of his father and the fact that he buried his father’s body under their patio. For further details on both cases please refer to any internet search. Both defendants were represented by Michael Borrelli QC. Gideon Cammerman and Gregory Fishwick represented those charged with assaulting Donal MacIntyre.

Currently representing Peter Storrie who is charged in connection with the alleged Portsmouth Football Club fraud, relating to transfer fees.

Represented David Bieber on appeal. According to the Sun on 23rd November he tried to escape from Belmarsh high security prison.

Senior barristers: Andrew Trollope QC
Recognised for expertise in fraud ["white-collar crime"] and serious/organised crime cases. Has appeared consistently among the leading silks recommended in Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession for both Crime and Fraud / Criminal. In 2008 edition, placed in Band 1 in both sections. Practice has predominantly consisted of City, commercial, tax and other fraud cases for more than 20 years. Other categories include money laundering, confiscation and drug-trafficking, restraint proceedings, confiscation and drug-trafficking, company insolvency offences and VAT Tribunal appeals.

Michael Borrelli QC
Specialist defence practise in serious and complex crime. Has wide experience in defending SFO and H.M.Customs & Excise prosecutions, and extensive experience in cases of professional crime, including homicide, drugs trafficking, armed robbery and corruption, as well as in serious sexual offences involving children.
Has been recommended as leader in field of crime in Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession every year since its inception, both as Junior and Queen’s Counsel.

Philip King QC
Philip King specialises in serious and complex criminal defence work,. He has vast experience of defending cases of professional crime, murder and manslaughter, armed robbery, cases of a sexual nature, police and corporate corruption, blackmail, kidnapping and serious drugs-related crime.
His more recent areas of expertise have extended to very substantial and serious fraud trials.
Many of his cases have received substantial national press coverage

Jonathan Fuller QC
With 28 experience in criminal advocacy Jonathan regularly appears for Defendants nationwide acting on their behalf in some of the larger and more complex cases. He has over the years, regularly defended and prosecuted in a wide variety of murder cases. He has an in depth knowledge of Gross Negligence cases involving Divers and Diving work gained from advising in, and prosecuting cases for the H.S.E., Devon and Cornwall, and Hampshire Constabularies. He has represented and advised members of the Armed Forces (Army & Navy) at Courts Martial hearings in this Country and abroad.

Simon Mayo QC
Simon Mayo specialises in the most serious and complex criminal cases.  His skill and expertise in the field of serious crime has, for many years, been in demand by both defence solicitors and prosecution agencies.  As a result, his practice continues to strike an even balance between defence and prosecution work.

Rod Price
Specialises in criminal defence work with particular emphasis on fraud, terrorism, drug trafficking and murder cases.
Regularly instructed as a leading junior. Is listed in Chambers and Partners ‘Leading Juniors (London)’ ratings and is described in the Commentary as “a fearless advocate who provides that extra input into a case”
Defends in cases which concern racialist issues. Often in cases referred to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Mark Graffius
Mark is a leading junior in the field of serious financial and organised crime. His practice is almost exclusively criminal defence work. He has extensive experience in cases involving murder, fraud, drug manufacture and importation, money laundering, firearms and financial and corporate crime.

Natasha Wong
Has been instructed as junior counsel on allegations of murder and counsel alone on cases of arson with intent to endanger life, attempted strangulation with intent to murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, rape, indecent assault, theft, obtaining by deception ,wounding/inflicting GBH, ABH, perverting the course of justice, perjury, Public Order offences, threats to kill, firearms, possession with intent to supply all classes of drugs, importations of drugs, cultivation of drugs, evasion of excise duty, robbery, burglary, dangerous driving, fraudulent trading, mortgage fraud and diversion fraud.

Adam Butler
Adam’s practice consists of all areas of criminal defence work, particularly serious violence and sexual offences, as well as drugs supply and money laundering.

Andrew Frymann
Andrew defends and prosecutes. Crucially, he is trusted to know in detail the workings of every aspect of Public Interest Immunity and RIPA, having  attended upon and advised in innumerable (PII) case conferences, and so is uniquely placed to defend cases featuring the likely presence of telephone intercept materials, CHIS/‘source’ materials, informants and participating informants, surveillance materials and methodology, and complex ‘phone evidence.

Andrew Newton
Andrew has been instructed as defence counsel he in many serious trials notably conspiracy to blackmail and kidnapping, a multiple rape of sex workers trial , other rape cases, large scale class A and B drug  dealing and importation , multi handed violent disorder , numerous successful section 18 OAPA defences, firearms, armed robbery cases, computer hacking, multi million pound VAT fraud and money laundering.

Anthony Rimmer
Anthony’s practice encompasses all aspects of serious crime including homicide, complex fraud, sexual offences, robbery, drugs and money laundering, and works predominantly on the side of the defence team. He has a particular expertise is in prison law and in the area of human rights law and issues of disclosure and confiscation. He regularly receives instructions to appear in Professional Disciplinary Tribunals in particular, on behalf of the Police Federation of England and Wales

Avirup Chaudhuri
Avirup has been instructed in cases including: attempted murder (in a “gangland” context); large-scale importation and distribution of Class A and B drugs; “bootlegging” cases involving the evasion of major sums in duty; armed robberies; and receiving goods stolen to order. He recently defended an N.H.S. manager in relation to a conspiracy to defraud her employers.
Bill Evans
Bill has worked as a solicitor at EBR Attridge Solicitors. Since joining 187 Fleet Street his practice consists of serious crime including large scale duty fraud, drug importations, murder and manslaughter. Bill has a reputation for combining first class courtroom skills with an easy manner, whilst retaining the confidence of his lay and professional clients

Brian Argyle
Brian Argyle is a specialist criminal barrister.  He has successfully defended in a number of serious sexual cases over the last 10 years including R v Gallo, R v Tanussi, R v Rudge, R v Tustain. He specialises in fraud work and has led for the defence in R v Kelly and is leading in R v O’Neil.

Brian Reece
Brian regularly leads or appears alone in cases of gang rape, serial rape, internet pornography and child rape / abuse. These are all areas of particular experience and expertise. Equally regularly, appears for prosecution and defence, in cases involving allegations of fraud, firearms, serious violence and importation / supply of drugs. A meticulous, astute, and articulate advocate of very considerable experience. Is able rapidly to analyse a case and identify the key facts and issues of law and procedure affecting both sides

Christopher Amor
Christopher is a leading junior in specialist fraud cases. Although he is predominantly a criminal barrister, he advice is also sought on other matters, usually in areas such as licensing, Coroners Courts, Civil Liberties, Betting Gaming and Lotteries and Judicial Review.

Dafna Spiro
Dafna has developed a top level practice in serious crime, including murder, serious and complex fraud (eg MTIC and Advance Fee Frauds) sexual offences, drug importation and related confiscation proceedings.
Dafna is known for combining an incisive, analytical approach in dealing with difficult cases with a personal approach in dealing with the lay client. Leading, being led or acting alone Dafna provides an outstanding service

Emma Kurzner
Emma has an extensive criminal practice. Over the last ten years she has developed a specialism in white collar crime (having been instructed in fraud cases encompassing VAT, mortgage, boiler room, income tax, life assurance, high yield investment and advanced fee schemes). As such she is adept at analysing large volumes of evidence, preparing and conducting complex legal arguments, preparing written arguments and dealing with matters of confiscation and restraint.

Gideon Cammerman
Gideon prosecutes and defends in cases of the utmost gravity and complexity. He appears at first instance, in the Court of Appeal, in the Privy Council and the Supreme Court.

Grant Vanstone
Grant Vanstone is a leading junior and has wide experience in all criminal cases including murder, attempted murder, serious fraud, conspiracy to steal, money laundering, serious sexual offences, kidnapping, armed robbery, public order and serious drug offences.  His practice incorporates all areas of crime, but particular specialities include fraud (including computer and internet fraud), drug offences (National Crime Squad), people trafficking, murder, all offences of violence (including large scale prison riots and a number of football cases), car ringing and rape. Other areas of speciality are Police discipline, Inquests, football banning orders, health and safety and other financial regulatory work.

Gregory Fishwick
A specialist in criminal defence work, he has been instructed, and successfully represented a number of Defendants in high profile cases including the first trial relating to the murder of Damilola Taylor and the Tonbirdge Securitas Robbery (the largest robbery in British legal history).

Irshad Sheikh
Irshad is frequently instructed in complex, multi-defendant cases as a leading junior. He has a special interest in serious fraud. Irshad has also acquired an enviable reputation in disciplinary and regulatory matters, which now encompasses over forty per cent of his practice. He has an outstanding track record in relation to police disciplinary matters and has represented officers of all seniority from a number of different forces. Irshad is also instructed to act in and has extensive experience of Courts Martial

James Lachkovic
James has acted as leading junior includes conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and conspiracy to steal. Recent junior work includes: murder, both prosecution and defence, possessing explosives with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to defraud.

Jason Bartfeld
Jason is experienced in matters involving serious violence and sexual offences. These include video link cases and cases involving cross-examination of young children and witnesses with mental health issues.  He is instructed in cases of drug trafficking and, in particular, in complex confiscation proceedings. He has specialist interest and expertise in both extradition proceedings and the criminal aspects of regulatory work covering including environmental law, health and safety regulation, competition law, medicines, consumer protection, information technology, firearms and insurance.
John Madden
John has a particular interest in computing and makes extensive use for this for his case. He enjoys scientific challenges to expert evidence (his qualifications include an honours degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering). He says “Too often, scientific evidence adduced in Court is unchallenged – a recent Causing Death by Dangerous Driving case required a challenged to the scientific basis of accident speed assumptions and the back-calculation of alcoholic consumption – both of which are much more limited in application than is usually accepted”

Jonathan Davies
Jonathan has been practising for over 30 years and now spends time as a recorder. He has written five novels (Hodders/ LittleBrown) and many short stories based upon his experiences at the Bar.

Leon Kazakos
Leon has substantial experience defending in a wide range of fraud cases. These range from allegations of fraud on private individuals and commercial frauds on businesses and charitable institutions to large scale tax evasion. He is instructed to advise and to represent traders before the Tax Tribunal in high value V.A.T. disputes with H.M.R.C as well as advising and representing
companies and private individuals in cases involving asset forfeiture and the civil recovery of the proceeds of crime.

Nicolas Barraclough
Nick Barraclough is a specialist criminal law barrister with a wide ranging and extensive practice.  He is experienced in most types and size of case, and undertakes advisory and review work, asset forfeiture and restraint, and disciplinary and regulatory work.

Pauline Thompson
Miss Thompson has been described during the past year as a ‘rising star’. She has represented a member of a sophisticated and notorious criminal fraternity in a multi-million pound drugs conspiracy. Miss Thompson’s client was targeted by undercover police officers, which led to the prosecution. However, he was the only one of the six defendants who avoided both a conspiracy conviction and a substantial term of imprisonment.

Peter Guest
His practice is 100% criminal defence, spanning fraud, money laundering, drugs, sexual offences and serious violence at first instance and on appeal.

Rachel Bright
Rachel Bright has extensive experience in all areas of crime. In recent years her practice has developed with particular emphasis on serious and complex frauds, murder and manslaughter, armed robbery, drug importation, fraud and drug related confiscation (including the leading case of R v. Shevki and Steele) and serious sexual offences involving both children and adults.

Terence Woods
Terence has substantial experience in cases involving murder, manslaughter, drugs importation, people trafficking, rape, fraud and money laundering as both junior and leading junior counsel. Recently, he has developed an interest in regulatory work including disciplinary and local authority proceedings.

Warwick Aleeson
Warwick Aleeson acts in serious and complex cases, including offences of: murder; attempted murder; rape; indecent assault; sexual offences involving children and the vulnerable; kidnapping; arson with intent; serious assaults, cases involving domestic violence and hate crimes; public order offences, including riot and violent disorder; robbery, including armed robberies; large scale importation and supply of drugs; IT related crime; money laundering; and serious fraud. 
He specialises in fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and confiscation proceedings and offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

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