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Lawtons Solicitors

Firm: Lawtons Solicitors

Postal address: 10a Lime Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK40 1LD (Map)

Telephone: 01234 356235 Emergency Telephone: 07843 338793



About: Lawtons is one of the largest Criminal Defence Solicitors in the area and are experienced experts in defending criminal cases. Client focused they recognise their clients are frequently disadvantaged people who find criminal law complex and daunting. Lawtons provide a personalised, reliable, accurate and effective criminal defence service covering all aspects of criminal law.

The Firm are members of the Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) Panel. Membership of this Panel is for those Firms who by their experience and expertise, have shown that they are able to undertake the most complex and challenging cases.

As a Firm, Lawtons Solicitors believe that providing a broad based practise enables its Lawyers to develop constantly. What is learned in a relatively minor theft can then be used in a more complex Fraud matter. The principles for all offences are the same, it is regular exposure to work which develops knowledge and ensures attention to detail.

Specialisms: Fraud, Money Laundering, POCA, Drug Trafficking/Importation, Computer Crime, Murder and Serious Crime. All Court and Police Station covered. 

Memorable cases: We have limited the cases for mention to only five over the last year. We take the view that the depth and breadth of cases over a short period of time reflects the level of specialism this Firm has.

R v Finch (2010) – High profile acquittal which generated national headlines in relation to the antiquated laws on Brothel Keeping.

HMRC v B – Proceeds of Crime Hearing in which the HMRC sought a figure in excess of £6.8 million from our client for tax evasion. The figure finally secured was £560,000.

R v O – National headlines for a murder case termed the Blue Lagoon murder.

Internet Piracy – A case which involved the Metropolitan Police, Federation Against Copyright Theft and FBI investigators was resolved at the Police Station stage thanks to a pro-active approach and the Issue of a Summons under the Police Property Act to force the return of computer equipment.     

R v Costello – Significant Court of Appeal decision in relation to sentence.

Senior solicitors: Nick Titchener
From early on in his career, it was clear that Nick’s passion and drive was for Criminal Defence work and the challenges and rewards it offered.

Through his career, Nick has developed a reputation as someone that is committed to his clients and has regularly defended those accused of all manner of crimes, ranging from multiple murders and complex conspiracies to allegations of theft and criminal damage.
Stephen Halloran
Stephen has a vast level of experience in all types of cases, ranging from cases in the Magistrates Court through to the Court of Appeal.
Stephen is accredited to work as a Case Supervisor for VHCC Panel cases, which means that he is experienced in managing defences for large complex cases. He has prosecuted cases on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), now called the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. His dual experience gives him greater insight and rapport with the prosecution team and gives his clients an advantage in these cases.

Joanne Cestaro
Joanne has worked locally for a number of years, firstly developing a significant following in the Luton area and now doing the same in Bedford. Her work encompasses the full range of offences and Courts.
Joanne is the Head of the Bedford office. She is also a Member of the Regional Duty Solicitor Committee.

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