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Bell Lamb and Joynson

Firm: Bell Lamb and Joynson

Postal address: Grosvenor House, Halton Lea, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 2FT (Map)

Telephone: 08444 124 348


Web address:

About: Bell Lamb and Joynson are one of the North West of England’s leading and oldest Law Firms established in 1821. With offices in Liverpool, Runcorn, Weaverham and Warrington they can cater for the legal needs of the residents of Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond. They have experienced specialist criminal defence Solicitors and offer a 24 hour, 365 days a year police station assistance defending any criminal matter from simple shoplifting or routine Public Order cases to serious allegations of murder, rape and robbery.

On a daily basis their specialist and highly respected team of Criminal Advocates appear in the Magistrates and Crown Courts across Merseyside and Cheshire (and any other Court in England and Wales as and when required) providing quality presentation of defence cases. They deal with all types of case both in the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court the Court of Appeal and House of Lords. They are able to manage your case from start to finish providing expert preparation of the case before your Court appearance and high class advocacy in Court.

Specialisms: Serious Crime, Fraud, Business Crime, General Crime, Motoring Offences, Computer Crime.

Memorable cases: R v Morrison- The Murder of Alice Rye, a 74 year pensioner who was bound, gagged and sexually tortured before being stabbed to death at her home in Spital on The Wirral. The case was heavily featured on BBC’s Crimewatch and has featured on various documentaries following the trial.

R v Ahearne (and others) The representation of the TV personality ‘Warrior’ from the Gladiators with regard to charges of police bribery and corruption.

R v McKeefrey (and others) Representation of the Defendant in the high profile ‘Reservoir Dogs’ murder involving the mutilation of a young teenage victim.

R v Smith (and others) Representation of a Defendant in relation to double murder surrounding the supply of controlled drugs which the police relied heavily on technical evidence and cell site analysis to place the defendants at the scene of 2 separate shootings.

R v Dietschmann The defendant killed a man in a savage attack whilst he was very drunk. He was also suffered from a mental abnormality, namely an adjustment disorder which was a depressed grief reaction following the death of his aunt, with whom he had had a close emotional and physical relationship and whom he (wrongly) believed had committed suicide because of her drug problems. The case ended up in the House of Lords with the defence team being able to successfully argue that even with self induced intoxication the defence of ‘abnormality of mind’ was still valid and becoming the leading authority on the issue.

R v Davenport (and others). Representation of a defendant following the death of a child after social services had failed to intervene and investigate non accidental injuries. The case received large scale local and national press reporting.

R v Lennon (and others) Representation of a deputy head master convicted of downloading indecent images of children and encouraging others to rape and indecently assault a child via a webcam over the internet.

Prominent Drug Cases.
The firm has acted for a number of defendants in large scale drug conspiracies involving the importation, distribution and supply of controlled drugs. Such cases include the following police named operations amongst others Operation Lima, Operation Black, Operation Undercoat, Operation Subito and Operation Filmore.

Senior solicitors: Barry Cooper
Barry obtained an LLB with Honours from Manchester University in 1972.
Barry qualified as a Solicitor in 1975, having joined Bell & Joynson, as it then was, in July 1973 to complete his training.
He opened Bell & Joynson’s Runcorn Office in 1977 and has remained in Runcorn ever since, overseeing the growth of the office from four staff to its current level of eighteen staff.
Barry became a Partner with Bell & Joynson in 1979.
Barry has been a Duty Solicitor since the inception of the scheme.

Peter Green
Peter joined the firm in 1992 and after qualifying as a Solicitor in 1995 chose to specialise in criminal cases.
Peter is a member of the Duty Solicitor Scheme and undertakes a broad criminal case load ranging from simple motoring offences to the most serious cases of robbery, murder and rape in the Crown Court. Peter continues to undertake Police Station attendances and is an important member of the BLJ Criminal team who operate a rota system to ensure that clients can be represented at any time of any day in any Police Station 365 days of the year.

Jim Marshall
Jim qualified as a solicitor in 1976 after completing his training with a Liverpool City Centre practice. He moved to Runcorn in 1977 and has remained there ever since, joining Bell Lamb and Joynson in 1991 as a partner.
Jim has over 30 years experience in handling all aspects of Criminal Law covering police stations and Magistrates Court representation, ranging from minor motoring cases to Murders. He was a founder member of the Halton Duty Solicitor scheme and remains an active member of both police station and court schemes.

Mike Leeman
Mike Joined the firm in 1994 and qualified in 1998, becoming a partner in 2001. Mike is a Higher Court Advocate enabling him to represent clients in all criminal Courts. Mike deals exclusively with criminal and motoring cases and has acquired vast experience in cases from simple speeding to complex fraud and high profile murders and has been involved in the majority of the firms prominent criminal matters over the last decade.

Jeremy Rawson
Jeremy has been with the firm for 30 years has been a partner for 25 years. He specializes in crime. He has been qualified as a Higher Court Advocate for 10 years and is instructed in the bulk of the firm’s Crown Court cases. He has successfully conducted a number of appeals in the Court of Appeal and was a member of the team in the House of Lords case of R v Deitchmann. He has conducted cases at all levels from motoring to murder.
As a solicitor he represented the Defendant in the high profile Alice Rye murder and one of the Defendants in the Reservior Dogs murder. He has been a duty solicitor since 1985 and was a founder member of the South Sefton and Crosby Scheme. He is also an accredited advocate and supervisor on the VHCC panel.

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