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Advice on Section 20 GBH first time offence


“Hi Guys just looking for a little bit of advice from someone who may have studied or worked in law… I myself never have.

I hope you guys please dont judge me for this, but we were at a night club having a great night when I received a call off my dad around 2:30am, He was really upset and found out my nanna (his mum) had been taken into hospital, So I was visibly upset and my friend was looking after me, we decided to try go back on dance floor and try best get on with the night… This fellow came over and was kinda laughing at me as I was still kinda cryin.. and my friend pushed him away, he came back towards my friend and I genuinely believe he was going to hit him.. on seeing this, I stupidly lashed out and punched him. It was only one punch.. and I still dunno why I just didnt step in the middle.

┬áIm so sorry for what I’ve done. The worst thing about this was that unfortunately he was wearing sun glasses, and they were just cheap tacky one’s so they smashed into his eye. He had to have an operation to remove this glass, and he may (or may not) have slight vision impairment for a long time. I have no previous what so ever and I actually turned myself in as soon as I found out the lad had been hurt. The police offer who officially arrested me has told my solicitor he can say that he shows sympathy for my case as on another night this wuda have just been a black eye and we wudda got on with our night.

I jus wanna make it clear how sorry I am, if I could be in his shoes now, I would in heartbeat! Im still at university, and am terrified of a prison sentence… it would ruin me I think. But at the moment I feel like my family and even the solicitors are sugar coating what may happen… any help? as I said… No previous, One punch. Nightclub. It may also be worthy saying that the magistrates sent it to the crown court today, which is 8 weeks away. I also came clean to my summer job and have been suspended.

Thanx for listening.”


The above article was found on a website. It shows how simple it is to get caught up in the Criminal Justice System.

Having the matter sent to the Crown Court indicates that the matter is being treated seriously and there is a heavier punishment from Crown Court than from the Magistrates Court.

We do not know how this story unfolds, but it is a lesson to all that a momentary lack of control can have far reaching effects.

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